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School Information

School Profile

Craig Williams School focuses on teaching the content standards in the areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and health. Students are actively involved with independent reading using the Accelerated Reader program. This reading program is a system that tracks students reading growth and encourages students to read at their highest level. A similar system, Accelerated Math, allows every student to work to his/her highest potential in mathematics.

Craig Williams serves students in grades K-6. Recognizing that student attendance and academic excellence go hand in hand, it is important to reinforce that students attend school everyday. The average daily attendance rate at the school was 96.13 percent during the prior school year. Student enrollment is made up of a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The ethnic make-up of the school includes the following: American Indian-1 percent, Asian-5 percent, Pacific Islander-1 percent, Filipino-3 percent, Hispanic 61- percent, African-American-19 percent, Caucasian-8 percent and multiple ethicities-3 percent.

The school has 32 regular education teachers, one special education teacher, one Title I teacher, and a Principal. Other personnel serving the school include a psychologist, two health assistants, a case manager, a guidance intern, and a speech and language therapist. All staff members meet the credential requirements of the State of California.

Staff development activities are essential for maintaining excellence in education for every student. That is why the District provided more than 300 hours of staff development activities for teachers and classified staff. The emphasis in staff development has been in technology, reading strategies, analyzing data and using it to drive instruction. One hundred percent of the teachers at the school took advantage of district or outside staff development offerings. In addition, we are committed to working with parents so they can help their children. In order to meet this commitment we offer parent workshops and family nights to encourage parents to play an active role in their student’s education.

Our Counselors

Hello Wildcats!

Our names are Alexandria Moctezuma and Jessica Fernandez. Our job is to provide guidance and support for Wildcat students in many different ways throughout the school year. We work with children in the classroom through lessons focusing on success in school and coping with feelings. We also see students, either individually or in small groups, in our offices for meetings to help them work through struggles ranging from divorce, death of a loved one, anger, behavior problems, etc. Parents, teachers, administrators, etc. can refer these students for time-limited counseling (with parental consent).

Please call the office or email one of us if there is anything we can help with.

Alexandria Moctezuma

Jessica Fernandez


Quick Tips for New Students

  • Gates open at 8:00am and students may head to the cafeteria for breakfast
  • Students will be dismissed to the playground at 8:15am
  • Music will begin playing at 8:30am to signal for students to begin lining up
  • Flag salute is held on the first and last days of the week
  • School dimissal at 3:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Dismissal is at 1:41pm every Wednesday
  • We are not a uniform school
  • PE is on Mondays, Thursdays, and every other Wednesday
  • Fifth and Sixth graders participate in either Chorus or Band weekly and may participate in Student Council
  • All students have access to technology and the library
  • Students can earn PAWS points toward school-wide rewards
  • Kindergarten students have lunch and recess on their own, without other grade levels being present

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